When Conservatism Isn’t Conservative

Conservatism is a political philosophy that seeks to preserve traditional values, institutions, and beliefs that have been developed over time, allowing for slow steady change. However, there are different interpretations of conservatism, and two of the most distinct are classical conservatism and Trump conservatism.

One of the most significant differences between classical conservatism and Trump conservatism is their view of government and the rule of law. Classical conservatives believe in limited government and the rule of law, which means that government’s role is to protect individual rights and maintain law and order. In contrast, Trump conservatives see the government as a tool to advance their agenda and prioritize the interests of ordinary Americans. Trump conservatives believe that government should be used to protect American jobs and industries, and they are not afraid to use executive orders to achieve their objectives. Thus, Trump conservatives do not espouse the value of small government as much as they say they do.

Another difference between the two ideologies is their view of individual liberty. Classical conservatives believe in individual liberty and freedom, as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others. They believe in the importance of free markets, private property, and the protection of individual rights. In contrast, Trump conservatives prioritize the interests of ordinary Americans over individual liberty. They are willing to limit individual liberty if it means protecting American jobs and industries.

Classical conservatives also emphasize the importance of tradition and the role of society. They view society as a complex organism that cannot be easily changed without causing unintended consequences. Classical conservatives believe that tradition and social institutions provide stability and continuity, and they must be preserved. In contrast, Trump conservatives reject globalism and political correctness and emphasize the importance of nationalism and populism. They believe that American traditions and values must be preserved, but they are not afraid to break with tradition if it means achieving their objectives.

Finally, Trump conservatism is associated with nationalism and populism, while classical conservatism is not. Trump conservatives believe in putting America first and rejecting internationalism and globalism. They also believe in populism, which is the idea that the government should represent the interests of ordinary people, not the elite. Classical conservatives, on the other hand, do not reject internationalism and globalism, but they prioritize individual liberty and limited government.

Classical conservatism and Trump conservatism are two very distinct political philosophies with different views on government, individual liberty, tradition, society, and nationalism. While classical conservatism emphasizes the importance of individual liberty, limited government, and the rule of law, Trump conservatism emphasizes nationalism, populism, and a rejection of globalism and political correctness. Understanding these differences is essential for anyone interested in American politics and the future of conservatism.

There comes a point where conservatism isn’t always conservative. Just because one claims to be conservative doesn’t make them conservative.

How do you feel about it? Is Trump conservatism actually conservative, or is it something altogether different? Let me know your point of view in the Reply section below.

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