Welcome! This blog describes my own understanding of conservatism and what it means to me. Here you will find my ramblings about current events and how conservatism could be used to make things better. What you will not find is me supporting any particular party.

First, let me say, my brand of conservatism tends to follow the “Reagan” tradition, with some twists and maybe a little “Goldwater” thrown in. Having met Barry Goldwater in the early 80s, and having an hour long personal discussion with him, he was a major influence in my life.

Second, I’m truly hoping this blog opens dialog from all sides. I don’t want it to be just another echo chamber voicing only a conservative point of view. To that end, you will find a comment section at the bottom of every post where I truly hope you’ll share your opinion.

Also, in each post, I’ve added links pertinent to the points I’ve made. You will see them as red text. Please click those links for greater understanding of why I have my opinions on certain topics.

Now please, enjoy and interact with my articles. I am very appreciative of all my readers.

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