Tag: Civility

  • Barry, Ron and Rush

    A friend recently asked why I was so staunchly conservative. The question really made me think about all the things that I’ve experienced. But then it hit me… The three men that influenced my political leaning most were named Barry, Ron and Rush. BARRY I met Senator Barry Goldwater when I was a very young […]

  • Religion in Conservatism

    This topic has concerned me a great deal in the last few days, so please bear with me for a minute. Three things happened that triggered this… As a Christian, I began wondering how far Christianity had pushed into conservatism, and what affect it was having. Many of you will condemn me for saying so, […]

  • Cordial Discussion

    I’m going to get straight to the point… Cordial discussion is dead in our society. There are examples all around us, mostly in our daily lives with people we speak with on a regular basis. It is hard to discuss anything that includes someone’s opinion without it igniting discord, the opposite of cordiality. Cordial is […]