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  • Barry, Ron and Rush

    A friend recently asked why I was so staunchly conservative. The question really made me think about all the things that I’ve experienced. But then it hit me… The three men that influenced my political leaning most were named Barry, Ron and Rush. BARRY I met Senator Barry Goldwater when I was a very young […]

  • Immigration in 2023

    The issue of illegal immigration has been a hot-button topic in the United States for many years. In 2020, the debate over this issue intensified as President Trump took steps to reduce both legal and illegal immigration into our country. Thankfully, statistics from U.S Customs and Border Protection (CBP) show there was a significant decrease […]

  • Religion in Conservatism

    This topic has concerned me a great deal in the last few days, so please bear with me for a minute. Three things happened that triggered this… As a Christian, I began wondering how far Christianity had pushed into conservatism, and what affect it was having. Many of you will condemn me for saying so, […]

  • Consistent Conservatism

    In several different recent discussions, the concept of consistency came up in regards to my conservatism. Questions came up like, “should conservatives be consistent in their values and actions?” The short answer is “YES!” But has it been so in recent years? No, not really in the actions of leaders that call themselves conservatives. CONSISTENT […]

  • Why an Omnibus?

    Had a short discussion with a friend yesterday who suggested that the $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Bill that just passed congress was essential to prohibit the government from shutting down. Considering my own conservative values on Limited Government and Fiscal Responsibility, I nearly choked on my diet soda. My first thought was how, until the last […]

  • Vapor Lock

    Sorry that it’s been a few days since I last wrote here. I’ve had a kind of a “vapor lock” trying to determine what to write next. The problem is not a lack of topics, but a plethora to choose from… So far this week (the last 7 days), we’ve had many stories worthy of […]

  • Inquisition or Investigation?

    Was the January 6th Select Committee an investigation or was it an inquisition? That is a question that has bugged me for over a year and a half as the committee continued to dig into the events of January 6th… What’s the difference? To investigate is to carry out a systematic or formal inquiry to […]

  • Stop Liberals!

    When you visit the Republican Party website (https://www.gop.com/), try to find a listing of the party’s platform… Go ahead, try… Eventually, if you dig around deep enough, you can find on their site an About Our Party page, where you will see a short paragraph with general values listed once. “Our platform is centered on […]