CCP’s Balloon

China’s launch of a reconnaissance balloon over the United States has been a topic of much discussion, as well as our reaction to it. The event has sparked concern and scrutiny, as the use of such technology for intelligence gathering purposes raises questions about China’s intentions and military capabilities. From the technology involved to the reaction of the US government, I’d like to examine all aspects of this developing story.

With tensions between the two nations continuing to escalate, this event is a timely reminder of the importance of monitoring and understanding the actions of foreign powers. It is also a reminder that we can only prosper using the concept of ‘peace through strength’, which wasn’t the direction our current administration took on this.

Yes, President Biden finally ordered the US Air Force to shoot the balloon out of the sky on Wednesday, days after it had already entered US airspace. But, it was not a show of strength to allow the balloon to traverse the entire continent before shooting it down. It should never have been allowed to enter American airspace in Alaska, much less make it way over many military installations to finally pass over Myrtle Beach, SC. I can’t wait to hear President Biden discuss the whole balloon incident during the upcoming State of the Union address tomorrow evening (7 Feb @ 9:00 pm Eastern time).

Now that the Chinese Communist Party‘s balloon has been shot down, and the debris collected, it was reportedly being sent to an FBI lab in Quantico, VA for analysis. Why the FBI and not the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), we may never know. DARPA handles all of the leading edge technology for the military, including imagery and reconnaissance systems. Why the FBI?

Hopefully, the tensions between China and the United States does not lead us into war. Do you think we are headed to war with them? Let me know what you think in the Reply section below.

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