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  • Barry, Ron and Rush

    A friend recently asked why I was so staunchly conservative. The question really made me think about all the things that I’ve experienced. But then it hit me… The three men that influenced my political leaning most were named Barry, Ron and Rush. BARRY I met Senator Barry Goldwater when I was a very young […]

  • Cordial Discussion

    I’m going to get straight to the point… Cordial discussion is dead in our society. There are examples all around us, mostly in our daily lives with people we speak with on a regular basis. It is hard to discuss anything that includes someone’s opinion without it igniting discord, the opposite of cordiality. Cordial is […]

  • Consistent Conservatism

    In several different recent discussions, the concept of consistency came up in regards to my conservatism. Questions came up like, “should conservatives be consistent in their values and actions?” The short answer is “YES!” But has it been so in recent years? No, not really in the actions of leaders that call themselves conservatives. CONSISTENT […]

  • Stop Liberals!

    When you visit the Republican Party website (, try to find a listing of the party’s platform… Go ahead, try… Eventually, if you dig around deep enough, you can find on their site an About Our Party page, where you will see a short paragraph with general values listed once. “Our platform is centered on […]

  • Interesting Conversations

    I’ve got a group of friends that discuss all kinds of things on a daily (nearly) basis. One of the topics that regularly comes up is politics, in general. Recently, in creating this blog, I decided to Google for the phrase “core conservative values“. I was shocked at the varied amount of answers… So, I […]