China/United States Relations

I feel compelled to say something that may make liberal heads explode… China is NOT our friend. There, I said it.

The Biden administration seems hellbent on making agreements with China, while at the same time, Congress seems to be moving in the opposite direction. I saw a report yesterday that had our Climate Czar, John Carey, announcing that we MUST work with China for the very existential threat of climate change. I don’t believe it’s an existential threat, but you know liberals feel that way.

Meanwhile, China is the greatest contributor to greenhouse gases by far, and has made promises to begin making changes 20 years from now.

John Carey says China should be held up as a shining example for climate change. He said we should model our plans after theirs.

All the while, China is growing its military presence in the South China Sea and around the Philipines. They’ve also opened military bases in Africa, while bolstering their relationships with our other enemies, Russia, Iran, N Korea. Beyond that, they’ve brokered a peace deal between Iran (their buddy) and Saudi Arabia.

In the South China Sea, particularly around Taiwan and many other smaller islands, they taunt Taiwanese and American forces on a daily basis.

What is Congress doing? Well, really important stuff like preparing to ban that evil app, TikTok, from our shores. Ouch… That’s gonna really sting those Chinese and teach them a lesson, right?

How do you feel about our love/hate relationship with China? Short of declaring war, what do you think we should do (if anything) to curb them from further damaging us and extending their realm of control? Let me know in the Reply section below.

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