Immigration in 2023

The issue of illegal immigration has been a hot-button topic in the United States for many years. In 2020, the debate over this issue intensified as President Trump took steps to reduce both legal and illegal immigration into our country.

Thankfully, statistics from U.S Customs and Border Protection (CBP) show there was a significant decrease in apprehensions at the southern border between January 2020 – March 2021 when compared with 2019 figures:

  • Apprehensions decreased by 77% along Mexico’s northern border;
  • Apprehensions decreased by 57% along Mexico’s western border;
  • Total apprehensions at ports of entry dropped 39%.

Additionally, CBP reported that overall removals were down 17 percent from FY2019-2020 due largely to coronavirus-related travel restrictions (Title 42) implemented by the Trump administration.

However, since 2020, the numbers have exploded exponentially. Here is a link to CBPs current statistics from 2020 through the beginning of 2023. You can see the numbers on the chart below. While all of 2020, the average monthly encounters were just under 50,000 per month, today, that number is over 280,000… a more than 500% increase.

Notice the line is relatively flat from Oct 2019 – Jan 2021. Dramatic increases can only be attributed to the perception by immigrants that the border is “open”, a direct result of policies of the Biden administration. For instance, Biden is pushing to remove Title 42 restrictions that help reduce numbers. “Catch and release” is the fulltime policy used by CBP on a daily basis.

What can be done? A lot of folks wish Trump’s Wall would be completed. That might help a little, but not as much as policy changes. If illegal immigrants don’t feel welcome, they won’t come nearly as often as they are now. So, here are some of my ideas:

  • They should know ahead of time that simply using the words “ASYLUM” or “REFUGEE” doesn’t grant them entrance. They must PROVE they need asylum, and that should happen AT the border before they enter, not in some court many months or years later…
  • The administration (maybe VP Kamala Harris?) should identify what the problems are in other countries driving immigration, and address those issues with those countries. I do not want us spending money to improve conditions in another country, but those countries should be held accountable, even at the United Nations, for making their countries unlivable…
  • Actual asylum seekers (with valid asylum claims) should be seen by a court within DAYS of entry to determine final approval. That means, we need to increase the number of judges (temporarily) to hear those cases. Afghans who helped the US government in Afghanistan and their families, should be moved to the head of that line…
  • Biden should be FORCED by Congress and the Supreme Court to enforce the laws that currently exist to stop illegal immigration. Congress has so much authority to force him to act, and they are not using that authority. The Supreme Court has chimed in on the Title 42 question, but they need to do much more…
  • Immigrants already in the country should be located and processed OUT of the country. This will be a massive undertaking. But, no one should be allowed to stay who came in without following the above points and the existing laws.

There are probably many more ideas that could help reduce the numbers of illegal immigrants invading our country. I’m sure you have some ideas of your own… Or maybe, you think so many coming to our country from all over the world through the southern border is not a problem at all… Please feel free to tell me your ideas, or how you feel, in the Reply section below.

5 responses to “Immigration in 2023”

  1. Another question is if there are better ways to stop having illegal or undocumented people by allowing them to get temporary documents.

    We should incentives people to do good behaviors we wish to see, not illegal ones.

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    • I’m not sure how passing out temporary documents would incentivize anyone to “do good behaviors”. For one, they’ll still come (bad behavior), and two, most already ignore the mandatory appearance papers they are given today (bad behavior).

      Can you explain how this would cause good behavior?


      • Yes. We need workers and temporary work preemies makes them legal. Collect their taxes and don’t give them benefits. Punish corporations that hire illegals.

        If you ignore the mandatory appearances, you can’t become a citizen.

        Simple. Have reasonable rules that greatly encourage compliance and greatly punish noncompliance.


        • In December, over 257,000 people crossed the border illegally. Of the number, about 49,000 were sent back over the border using Title 42… So, in one month more than 200,000 were released into the country.

          The latest practice is to give them each a new cell phone loaded with an app to remind them of their pending court date. Yet, only about 30% of those that have been scheduled actually appear at a court.

          How would giving them all work permits reduce the number crossing? That is the goal here… The goal is not to change the law to reduce the numbers reported. It is to reduce the number that cross…

          Looking forward to your reply.


          • What’s the actual penalty for not showing up that is inflicted today if they don’t show up?

            What do they want?

            We aren’t punishing them when they don’t. We don’t take away what they want.

            We aren’t doing anything to reward compliance.

            Reward compliance, strict punishment of non compliance. See what happens.

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