It was in my garage, next to my corvette? And that’s safe? For 6 years or more since he left office in 2017?

The term “Car-a-Lago” was coined by Jesse Watters of FoxNews. I love the term because it draws several obvious parallels to the Mar-a-Lago raids by the FBI on 8 Aug 2022, just a few moths ago.

There are some obvious differences. In Mar-a-Lago, President Trump declined returning the files he had even after several requests had been made. While, as far as we can tell, Biden’s team turned over his docs as soon as they were found (or so we are supposed to believe). Now, they’ve found docs in 3 different locations, and still no raid on the Biden properties.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed a Special Counsel in both cases… But to what end? A sitting president cannot be prosecuted for things that happened before his presidency unless the Supreme Court steps in making a decision to allow it, according to Justice Department policy.

But there are some pretty serious differences. The biggest is the Trump defense argument that he had declassification authority, and had previously declassified his documents (that remains to be proven). Meanwhile, Biden (as VP) had no such authority. Trump had his files for less than 2 years, while Biden had his for up to 6 (or more). Trump had his documents under Secret Service protection the entire time, while Biden had no such protection.

The question I have in both cases is, how did they (either one) get out of a secure facility with classified documents without someone knowing? Each day, each shift of duty, while I was in the military, our safes had to be physically inventoried and every piece of paper accounted for. If any one was missing, there was an immediate investigation… It seems things operate differently at the White House.

To be consistent in these matters is of utmost importance. It seems to me that one man (Biden) definitely broke the law (even though he seems repentant), while the other (Trump) quite possibly broke the law. Trump will probably be prosecuted, and possibly found guilty if his story does not hold true… But Biden’s story is “Oops, sorry I got caught”… To be consistent, an impeachment for committing a misdemeanor should be next for him. But will that happen with the current Senate being on the side of Democrats?

What do you think? Is the AG treating both cases equally? Should he or shouldn’t he? Let me know what you think in the Reply section below.

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